Awakening the Illuminated Heart

The Awakening the Illuminated Heart workshop is the life's work of Drunvalo Melchizedek. This ancient knowledge has been preserved for thousands of years until the time of humanity’s awakening, and that time has come. Through his 40+ years of exploring the nature of human consciousness, Drunvalo Melchizedek has brought this wisdom back to humanity. It is given now, integrated with our modern, technological understanding, as the catalyst for our Remembering.  It is the pathway to Ascension, presented simply and beautifully.

In this workshop we will reawaken to many long-forgotten inner treasures. Most importantly we will remember how to move our consciousness from our brain to our Heart … from a world of duality to one of Unity. There is a sacred place hidden inside of each Heart where we can easily experience our intimate connection to God. In this workshop we will clear the emotional blockages and limiting belief patterns that can prevent us from entering this holy place. When we find our way into the Heart, we’ll learn/remember how to consciously create from this place of unified Love. Through this sacred and beautiful journey we will remember the divine and eternal Beings of Light that we are and the Great Work we have come here to accomplish.

In this workshop we will also:

* Activate your Merkaba permanently

* Reconnect with Mother Earth and Father Sky

* Establish clear connection with Higher Self and Angels

* Enter the Sacred and Tiny Space of your Heart

* Open the 3rd Eye using Tantra of the Heart

* Remember how to create from Love