"I came to Tristan feeling a deep sense of being 'not enough'. I was not in a committed relationship, and I wasn't confident in my work. After my sessions with Tristan, not only did I shed a layer of anxiety about my skills, I now have regular client work that I love, and, I am in LOVE! I'm now in a relationship with someone who I can definitely say is one of my soul mates.

Through the work I did with Tristan I can now process painful emotions in a way that is beneficial, that allows them to move through me rather than getting stuck. I used to reject or intellectualize my emotions, rather than feeling them. Now, when anxiety or fear or self-criticism rise up, I welcome it. I sit with it and I really feel it in my body. It then either passes or I know the next steps I need to take for resolution."


~ Heather Elder ~
Graphic Designer


"I participated in Tristan's mastermind group and it was the beginning of me BLASTING OFF! It was then very apparent that working one-on-one with this amazing soul was the next step to really peeling back the layers of what was holding me back. In 3 months of working privately with Tristan, I've been able to shine a VERY bright light on my "truest authentic expression", break free from my shackles of fear, shame, guilt, and lack that were holing me back, and move to a place of love, abundance, and straight up badassness. Tristan has given me new tools and techniques that have opened up a new world inside me that I did not know was there. 

I have released my old career which was no longer serving me. I am building the business of my dreams which is based on my awareness of my own GREATNESS.

Tristan is a very gifted, connected and grounded soul. Working with him is a truly transformational experience."


~ Luke Elwin ~
Plant-Based Chef



~ Cortney Chaite ~

"Tristan has been an essential part of my healing and empowerment process. He consistently shines light on subconscious aspects of myself that are hindering my growth and facilitates the transmutation of these thoughts, physical symptoms, emotions, etc. His impeccable and loving words combined with his deeply intuitive capacities make him an extraordinary ally for embodying success in all realms of my life. I am so grateful to have him on my team!"

~ Lynn D. ~

"There are very few people who I entrust to facilitate my own healing journey. Tristan is one. He is profoundly gentle in his energy and uses his gifts of psychic intuition, understanding and empathy to help people access that which no longer serves them in order to move forward in their lives. Tristan was able to access things I was not consciously aware of and work with me to resolve them. He is a truly remarkable and gifted coach and healer."


~ Susan Kerr ~
Psychic Medium, Healer,
Intuitive Life Coach


"I was profoundly touched by what happened during my work with Tristan. I felt like something immense had been released within me, and like a weight had been lifted from me.  I even slept soundly, which I had not done for some time. I recommend working with Tristan as he works with great love."

~ Judith Kusel ~
Writer and Soul Empowerment Life Coach