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Align & Shine


Align & Shine

  Align. Shine. SERVE. Repeat.  


The Align & Shine Mastermind is for inspired, leading-edge visionaries and change-makers, committed to living an extraordinary life of passion, purpose, and service.

This 4 week journey is designed to bring you out of hiding, and to bring out the best version of you. You know, the brilliant, inspired genius who's been hiding for years. The one who came here to spark massive, positive change in our world. 

Yes, you have a Genius hiding inside of you. And yes, the world is more than ready for you to unleash your paradigm-shifting power!

In Align & Shine you will be supported, inspired, and guided to break through the blocks you've been using to hold yourself back, to finally own and embody your unique genius, and to ignite a similar transformation in those around you through your living example. 

Somewhere in your Heart you know what you came here to do.

It's time to step into the life you know you're meant to live.

Are you ready?

Right Now You Are:
* Stuck in fear, self-doubt, and feeling "not good enough"
* Looking for meaning, direction, and purpose in your life
* Blocking yourself from doing what you know you came here to do
* Excited to make a huge shift and don't know how
* Super amped for someone to shine a light on how you're holding yourself back, and, more importantly, how to breakthrough

You Are Ready To Experience:
Massive expansion in: Purpose, Career, Self, and Relationships
* Meaning, confidence, and fulfillment consistently
* Knowing beyond all doubt that YOU ARE ENOUGH, exactly as you are
* Unshakeable self-love and self-worth
* Accessing the Abundance and Freedom that live within you

Your 1 Month Subscription Includes:

* 2 One-on-One Calls with Tristan (30 min each)
* 4 Align & Shine Video Conferences (via ZOOM), 75 min each
     - Training, Laser Coaching, and Q&A
     - Time/space to receive personal support
     - MP3 and Video Recorded
* Weekly Video Training Module
* Private Align & Shine Academy Facebook Group

     - Exclusive, awakened community of visionaries to support your quantum leaps
     - Mega doses of inspirational videos, recordings, and content curated by Tristan
     - A place to receive the support directly from Tristan and the community

I am ready to unleash my Genius.

You are about to make a quantum leap in passion, purpose, and service.
The Journey begins November 9th.

Push the button below to claim the life you're meant for.


Contact me at with any questions.

"My time in the Align & Shine Mastermind totally opened up my horizons to new thinking and ways of approaching life. The compassion and dedication Tristan has to those in the group is so moving. Every week I couldn't wait for the next group call. The support and motivation of the group was so inspiring. If you're serious and really ready to take your life to the next level with amazing support and awesome inspiration, this is for you! Thank you Tristan!"

           Luke Elwin ~ Plant Based Chef